Mean Creek (2004)

Mean Creek is one of those indie movies that makes it seem that there are a bunch of kids out there who either have no parents, have shadow parents, because you hear about them, but rarely, if ever see them or are completely absentee. Our story begins with a bullying act on a small child. However, the child has older brothers. Yeah, we see where this is going. The brothers decide to avenge the beating with an act of their own. But, it goes too far. After that is a lot of sadly dramatic music and lots of feelings, as well. The cast is solid and these kids can act! It turns out to be a really good movie. It should be used to educate today's youth about bullying and consequences.

Directed by: Jacob Estes

Produced by: Whitewater Films

Written by: Jacob Estes

Starring: Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz

Genre: Crime, Drama

Rated: R

Release date: September 29, 2004 (France)

Taglines: You can never go back

Time: 90 Minutes

Vital Link: IMDb 

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