Herbatint is a Bioforce USA company.  As such, they are part of a company which has around for two decades and is a recognized leader in the natural products beauty industry of Europe.  Herbatint is located in Italy.


(1)  Normalizing Shampoo, 8.79 Fl Oz, SRP $12.99
(1)  Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner, 8.79 Fl Oz, SRP $15.99


Normalizing Shampoo 

The shampoo has a unique, slightly floral aroma.  After having washed, our hair remains soft, color is in tact and is still pleasant to the touch with a delightful shine.

Royal Cream Regenerating Conditioner

On the norm, we do not use conditioners as we simply do not need them.  However, a cream-based conditioner is good to push away tangles.  This is helpful when you drive with the windows down, on occasion.

Both products are available on the Herbatint link just below this sentence.

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