Anita Baker Honored on BET Awards 2018

It's so funny.  We did not realize that the awards were on.  We flipped over to channel 47 and caught enough of the show to see Ms. Anita Baker who was honored with a lifetime achievement award yesterday (Sunday, June the 25th).

Anita Baker Honored on BET Awards 2018

Anita Baker is a legendary R&B singer whose soulful voice takes control of any room she’s in. Born on January 26, 1958, Baker grew up with a love for singing. Raised by her aunt, Baker quickly found her sound in the church and also performed in local nightclubs. The singer’s talent led her to being discovered by Chapter 8 bandleader David Washington. Baker soon joined the group and became lead vocalist of the funk band in 1975. The group’s first album with Baker, Chapter 8, was released in 1979 under Ariola Records. The album spun hits like “I Just Want To Be Your Girl” and “Ready For Love.” Around the same time, the group was unfortunately released from Ariola Records when it was bought out by Arista Records. Wanting to continue her career, Baker signed to Beverly Glen Records. In 1983 Baker's debut solo album, Songstress, was released. Singles like "Angel, "No More Tears" and "Will You Be Mine" permeated through the airwaves and rose to the top of the charts with "Angel" scoring the No. 5 spot on the R&B charts. After this album, Baker left Beverly Glen Records over creative differences and found her way to Elektra Records in 1985.

Different stars were brought onstage to sing a sampling of some of Baker's best and what was so incredible was to see so many people in the audience who were singing along and joyously doing so.  Beautiful really.  Smiling like a dork in the dark, it was really awesome to see.

We congratulate Baker who would give thanks, then, suggest that we all give props to today's young R&B, rapper and soul stars. 


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