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A. Vogel USA is a Bioforce USA company.  They are environmentally conscious and offer phytopharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, food products and services which are geared for keeping a buying public in a better position to maintain and restore general health.

  • (1) Arnica Rub, 3.5 Fl Oz, SRP $24.99
  • (1) Echinaforce Liquid, 1.7 Fl Oz SRP $22.99
  • (1) Echinaforce Forte, 30 Tablets, SRP $25.99
  • (1) Herbed Sea Salt, 8.8 Oz, SRP $8.49

Arnica Rub

Arnica is a flower, the product of which is used as a homeopathic pain reliever for human and dog-kind.  It's natural.  Hence, it works differently than traditional pain relievers. 

Arnica Rub has an alcohol scent which dissipates when applied to the skin and is  excellent for your first aid kit.  Dries quickly.  Leaves no residue.


Whether you slip a spot of this stuff into another beverage, or swallow 1-3 pills before a meal, it's good for you.  In fact, we coincidentally became ill at time of receipt for these items.  Our roommate had/has pneumonia and we have the snotty hatefuls.  She is to be released from the hospital today. 

Your gentle writer never made it to the doctor.  We should have and/or should still.  Our hearing is tainted by a metallic echo, our eyes are consistently glazed over and we are still not up to speed.  But, we would have to do laundry first and we simply aren't there.

Nevertheless, we began taking the pills and it has helped a tremendous amount.  On the norm, we develop an unkind cough which leaves are ribs sore for at least two weeks.  Really, we should jump onto the back of a tractor, dirty laundry and all and get to a doctor.  We should.  But, we hate that. 

We're getting better.  Really!  Why haven't we been taking this all along?!?

Echinaforce Forte

Herbed Sea Salt 

Sea salt is an excellent replacement for table salt as it goes through fewer processing steps and provides a differing texture.*  This brand is celery-auromatic-forward, as it is enhanced with organic herbs and vegetables.

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