Vremi Electric Coffee Grinder and Knife Set

With a bit of humor, a lot of style and a good deal of creativity, Vremi aspires to create products for the home which are good to have/own and are affordable. They began with kitchen products and grew from there. Here we offer us just two of their offerings.

Vremi Electric Coffee Grinder

Ha! The enclosed manual is entitled, "This is a Manual." This made it easy to locate it.

The instructions are laid out in a similar manner. Easy to understand. Since this is the case, feel free to peruse the, "Before you get grinding," primer. Well, Vremi doesn't call it that. I do.

The grinder will not work if the top isn't secure. Once it is, grind until you are satisfied. Then, stop that. Pour. Drink.

Oh, it comes with a cleaning brush.

Vremi Knives

Rarely do I ever run across a product which is so exciting. This one is! The colors are bright and beautiful and they have matching blades and blade covers.

The set comes with a chef, serrated, paring, carving and a utility knife.

These are barbershop sharp too. They would make for an excellent gift. These, however, are mine!

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