Recovery Is Not A Destination

To the ignorant on-looker, the decision to pick up a bottle and drink every time life gets overwhelming can seem like a foolish choice to make. But addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease. It’s not a moral failing, it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s not a lack of willpower or you saying ‘yes’ when you should have said ‘no’ - it’s a disease, and that’s something that needs to be accepted if you are going to recover.

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The reason for this is simple: addiction cannot be cured. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it can be managed and to help you with this we’ve pulled together a list of tips that will make your recovery a much smoother and more successful one.

1. The Number 1 Priority
It doesn’t matter what else is going on in your life, the number priority has to be your recovery. It has to be focusing on you, putting yourself first, staying in touch with the people that can help and guide you. Get that right and everything else will fall into place.

2. Surrounded By Support
That could mean staying with a friend, asking yourself what is aftercare, making sure you have sound advice throughout your recovery, having your family there to help you through the stages and joining a local support network like AA. So long as you have support, your journey will be easier.

3. One Day At A Time
We mentioned how addiction can’t be cured and that means recovery is not a destination. It’s a process. This means you need to master how to make it through one day at a time, how to remain positive and how to overcome any temptations you will inevitably be faced with.

4. Communication Is Key
Nothing can be more isolating that recovery, which is why we urge you talk to your support group - your friends, family, AA group, and doctors - about any challenges you’re struggling with. We know this is easier said than done, but clearing your thoughts and involving your support group will give you an enormous boost. We all need support now and then to stay focused and motivated. Don’t forget that.

5. Replace The Unhealthy Habits
When you are trying to recover from unhealthy habits, one of the best things you can do is replace them with healthy habits. It’s about changing your environment so that you eradicate the triggers that once were and remove temptations from your journey. Surround yourself with positive people, positive things, positive experiences and anything else that falls within the positive bell curve. And if anything around you is enabling your addiction, then change that thing, whether it is a friend or a place.

6. Improve From The Inside
Two of the best things you can do to improve your recovery are: eat a healthier diet and exercise. It doesn’t have to be drastic, but an hour in the gym a week and eating whole foods where possible will boost your mental health as well as your physical.


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