National Moscato Day, May 9

Please, join us at Ginae Reviews and raise a glass for a toast.  To National Moscato Day!  This varietal is popular in the hip-hop crowd and affordable to-go.

Castello di Poggio

MoscatoCastello di Poggio itself is a beautiful location.  The street leading to the farmhouse is picturesque and lined with trees.  The vineyard consists of 150 hectares with a panoramic view of the Castello di Poggio.  To the right of that are the Alps. 

Castello di Poggio products are just as pleasing to the palate.

Finally, Moscato Castello del Poggio is number one is sales for Moscato which, is sold in the United States. 


(1) Moscato IGT, SRP $12.99

(1) Sparkling Moscato, SRP $12.99


Moscato IGT

Typical to its variety, this is a light, fruity sweet.  Utterly delightful!
Sparkling Moscato:

There's just something exciting about the bubbly ones that we really like.  Is it the popping cork?  Is it the aluminum foil wrapped around the head?  We suspect that it's all of that.

Not just that, but this is a Moscato which, seems to be really popular amongst the chicks.  We love the stuff.  The bubbly?  Is just that much better.  Open popping the top, we were unable to discern the differing aromas.  This was completely inconsequential when it hit the palate. 

Sweet.  Light.  Comforting.

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