When we first heard of the Mix, we were hyped.  However, we were also overwhelmed just thinking about all of the new online literature that we were going to have to know to take advantage of it.  Ye-ah.  We do that.

But, we were wrong!

There's nothing difficult about it.

Mix is a new app which was constructed like StumbleUpon (SU).  This is really neat because the more views you get, the more free advertising that you get on SU.  It's like a turbo-ized Pinterest that pays.


What's so cool about it?


The free advertising on SU for board views is excellent,

Company logo and website design are visually appealing,

Company missives (email) are positive, upbeat and friendly,

Mix is still young,

SO much more!

While you're at it, feel uninhibited to follow us.  We follow back and won't dump you once you are following.

Vital Link: Ginae Reviews on Mix

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