Melissa McCarthy on SNL: April 6, 2013

The skit begins with Million Dollar Wheel host Reece Donathan, who introduces Melissa as "(His) brother Tad's new girlfriend, Danelle," who is supposed to be a fuller-figure Vanna White, though our illustrious host says that she's replacing Suzette. 

But, the board doesn't light up the appropriate squares, which she is required to turn.  Well, it does, but, they clearly aren't correct.  She dances.  She points.  She twirls.  Her tall hair-do follows.  She says, "This is the one I meant to turn over.  Wooo.  Ahhh."

A contestant offers to help, which angers the blonde-tressled baroness of wonderfulness.  She responds with, "...I get paid to do this job.  This is my job."

She loses it and begins turning over many tiles in a somewhat random order.

Then, she hurriedly turns over every letter as she hams it up with every spin and slight dip of the body.

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