Goliath Games: Giveaway

Goliath Games was founded in 1980 and is still a family-owned endeavor. During this time, Goliath has been taking over other game companies. The latest was the award-winning Tucker.

Goliath Games: GiveawayReceived:
  • Build or Boom 
  • Googly Eyes 
  • Photo Pearls 
  • Sequence 
  • Shark Bite 
  • Stuff Happens

Build or Boom: Build it fast then make theirs blast.
Ages 4+ for 2 Players

For younger thinkers. Build or Boom encourages thinking, planning and building. So, even if players get bored, they can just build and destroy. Works on many levels.

Googly Eyes.
Ages 7+ for 4-16 Players

Googly Eyes encourages creativity and basic artistic skills via the Googly Eyes vision glasses and drawing, based on your card pick. The very premise should hook up and light up the most inventive artist's.

Photo Pearls: Transform your photos into works of art!
Ages 7+ for 1-4 Players

Here is another opportunity to stretch those creativity and artistic muscles in a simple game. Upload a pic. Apply the pearls. Enjoy. Good for all ages, as long as none wish to swallow those pearls. No swallowing. Don't make us jump out of this blog and come down there!

Goliath GamesSequence: An exciting game of strategy.
Ages 7+ for 2-12 Players

Part card game, Sequence tests your thinking skills and is good for instances when you have a lot of players.

Shark Bite: Snag the fish and be the winner, but if the shark jumps, you'll be his dinner!
Ages 4+ for 2-4 Players

Watch the smaller pieces of this game with the much younger crowd. Yes, they look delicious. They are not.

This is an enjoyable afternoon in the jaws of a shark, when you can get your line in. Try and extract the colorful creatures inside before the jaws are unleashed. Yikes!

Stuff Happens: To You. To me. To pretty much everyone.
Ages 13+ for 2-12

Ha! We thumbed through the "Lane of Pain" cards, which engaged our inner 5-year-old. She loves the silly/funniness of it all and cannot wait to bust this out with our next posse party. The idea is to perceive each card as the worst-case-scenario. Then, figure out where it is located on the Goliath Games Misery Index. Stuff Happens is just fine for 51-year-olds too!

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