A Little Help with Carol Burnett via Netflix

A Little Help is a new series of talk-shows which discusses today's topics with a panel of children.  Each show has a celebrity guest and regular people guest's who discuss an issue and looks to the panel for advice.  There are moments of some modicum of being inappropriate for children.  For instance, in the second episode, a lonely man lies in bed and describes a painful time of losing an ex-girlfriend, with whom he had been cohabiting with

We originally checked this out because we love hostess/comedienne Carol Burnett.  Always have.  And, she doesn't do much lately.  Still, she's one of the funniest out there. 

However, the show is a little too cute for us.  Think, "Candid Camera."  So, yeah.  There are some giggles involved.  But, again.  Too cute. 

Quote From Episode 3:

Child Panelist: Do you take blah, blah to be your waffley wedded wife?

Created by: Carol Burnett

Starring: Carol Burnett

Produced by: Dick Clark Productions

Genre: Talk-Show

Rated: TV-G

Release date: May 4, 2018 (US)

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