A Girl Like Her (2015)

A Girl Like Her is a feaux documentary about a girl who is bullied and while this provides a solid foundation, the movie is hard to watch as there is a lot of quiet-talking. You TV set will go loud enough to hear it, but not without the expense of much-needed ear parts.

A Girl Like Her (2015)

We missed so much because of this.

This would have been a good series, had it gone that way.

Directed by: Amy S. Weber

Produced by: Danny Roth, Amy S. Weber

Written by: Amy S. Weber

Starring: Lexi Ainsworth, Jimmy Bennett, Hunter King

Genre: Drama

Rated: PG-13

Release date: March 27, 2015 (US)

Taglines: Based on a Million True Stories, Evidence Changes Everything

Time: 1 Hour, 31 Minutes

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