tubi TV

tubi TV is a San Francisco, California company, founded in 2014 by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks.

On the norm, Ginae Reviews is not interested in writing an app review.  There are entirely too many of them out there and can be work intensive, at times.  Plus, we simply do not care for most of them.

tubi TV is different.  tubi TV offers up (for free via 2-4 commercials at specified junctures) over 40,000 titles.  Most, if not all of these seem to be older.  However, there are many for which we have yet to see.  These include Showtime, HBO movies and television shows. 

tubi TV
It's easy to use.  Download the app.  Register if you want to be able to hold some of the films in a queue.  Here's the incredibly sweet deal, though.

If you have wi-fi on your television set (we use Roku), then, you have the option of watching your selections on your television set, rather than an itty bitty iPhone screen. 



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