The Week Of (2018)

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The Week Of (2018)Good times.

Until we actually watched, "The Week Of."  Ye-ah.  But, here's the deal.  We like Adam Sandler.  A lot.  He's funny.  Silly.  Willing to do the gay stuff (SNL).  Even when he is screaming at someone.  It's hilarious. 

Abusive.  But, funny!

However, as a typical comedian, he is wet-on-yourself-funny one day and snoring-out-loud on another.  It's the curse of the typically funny dude. 


Unfortunately, The Week Of has a lot of good names attached to it; Steve Buscemi, Rachel Dratch, Chris Rock and Robert Smigel.  But, it's just not funny.  We are sorry.  It isn't.

The Week Of is the tale of the events leading up to a wedding.

Directed by: Robert Smigel

Produced by: Allen Covert, Adam Sandler

Written by: Adam Sandler, Robert Smigel

Starring: Steve Buscemi, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler

Genre: Comedy

Rated: TV-14

Release date
: April 27, 2018 (US)

Vital LinkUSA Today

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