The Apparition (2012): Synopsis and Quotes

It begins in an early movie scene.  There seems to be a black goo which might be taking over Ben and Kelly's lives.  Ben (Sebastian Stan) is seen in the kitchen wiping it off of the counter.  He asks Kelly (Ashley Greene) if she's burned something.  She responds with a sarcastic, "Yeah.  Cause I cook a lot,"  to paraphrase.

In the gratuitous shower scene Kelly's soap is slowly, then quickly, turning black and she doesn't even notice that its happening.  You gotta hate that when it happens!

But, the problem is more expansive than simplicity of goo.  What has happened to the closet and what is that odd mass of substance in the upper corner of the kitchen?  Why did the 3D representation of Charles, from the seance, fall out of it after being banged repeatedly with the business end of a broom?  Why is it intact?

The biggest sign of spiritual oppression comes when the couple are asleep in different beds.  The sheet around Kelly's body envelopes and tries to smother her.  Seriously, what is the thread count on that sheet?

Ben hears her screams and is able to cut her loose.  Patrick gets called in to assist.  He thinks that he can stop the force.  However, the movie ends with a dead-looking hand over Kelly's mouth.

So, did the horror end, or, will there be a part two?

The Apparition


Ben: If anything else happens, I'll get us a motel.  Promise.

Kelly: How can I trust you anymore?

Kelly: I don't know.  But, I'm not giving up.

Kelly: My cactus.  It's dead.

Kelly: Perfect.  The only way to protect ourselves is to open a box.

Patrick: It's getting stronger.

Patrick: They are entering our world.

Patrick: You still have a chance to end it here.

Directed by: Todd Lincoln

Written by: Todd Lincoln

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Starring: Tom Felton, Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan

Rated: PG-13

Tagline: Once you believe, you die.

Time: 82 minutes

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