Review Cats Update

We haven't written about the cats in some time now. Hence, we thought it due.

Review Cats UpdateReview Cats Update They both enjoy the sniffing of new product bags, filler paper and boxes and of course, lounging in the boxes, if at all possible. Intuitively, they know which boxes are for them. They experience tender, yet extreme joy when they are told that the packages are addressed to them on a personal basis.

Both Snoe and Sparkles are shots-updated, enjoy a daily treat which, is good for the health of their teeth and have every expressed whim and need met with enthusiasm and endless love. Even when they yowl at 4:00 a.m. Oh, and thanks for that, by the way.

We add that last sentence in the event that cats will evolve quickly enough to develop thumbs and naturally, be able to surf the 'Net, unassisted by us sometimes cumbersome-to-carry humans.

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