Ghost Physics: Compelling Evidence for a New Theory Paperback. JC Knight

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No matter what you were thinking when you first glanced at this title, you cannot fathom the contents until you have this title in your hands. We were intrigued from the very beginning because of the description. Then, we find out that the author is a physicist and a doctor. However, this title is not over the heads of many. The physics involved are mostly ones that we learned about in seventh grade.

Ghost Physics is half well-known and the other half is speculative. But, in a recognizable manner. Huh?

That's right. It's only somewhat nebulous, even for this partly-unknown arena. This is where you hit gold!

If you are curious, why not have a glance?

Paperback: 142 pages
Publisher: Hadron Press? (August 7, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0999304011
ISBN-13: 978-0999304013
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.3 x 7.8 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.4 ounces

About the Author:

In real life, Knight is a licensed physician and college professor.

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