Shoes For The Homeless - Art Show

On the norm, we do not write about campaigns requiring funding. So, if you have an awesome one, please, do not query Ginae Reviews. We add this in right in the beginning, as we know that proper promotion can take hours of labor.

However, we are also humanitarians. We care deeply about our fellow man and his dogs/cats/chickens. Hence, we offer up the following;

Art Show

Shoes For The Homeless - Art Show

The project is the work of Kevin O'Connell. It has a $35,000 ask, with 1 donor of $100.00. The campaign is simple of focus;

I am raising money to get good walking shoes for the homeless in Chicago and to tell some incredible stories of these men and women.

Please, consider donating.

Vital Link: Fundly Kevin O'Connell

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