Don't Let Your Health Slip This Summer

We’ve all heard that famous phrase ‘working on that summer body’ - hey, maybe we've even said it ourselves a few times! But have you noticed that this happens every summer? It’s not something we do one time and then maintain. It’s something we completely let go of once summer rolls around, content to let all of our hard work disappear while we enjoy ourselves, only to punish ourselves for it again before next summer.

Looking to create a healthy lifestyle, rather than a ‘summer body’ is one of the best ways to get results and maintain what you’ve achieved. The tips below can help you to avoid letting your health slip this summer, so that next summer, you can take it a little easier:

Plan Healthy Meals Suited To The Heat

Salads don’t have to be boring. You can add nuts, low sugar sauces, different cheeses - even fruit! Make them absolutely huge so they fill you up, and fill them with anything your heart desires. Don’t pile a few leaves on your plate and call it a salad. Salads aren't the only things that can make great summer dishes. Why not try a yummy cold soup, or even a smoothie filled with nutritious ingredients? People tend to feel like eating less in the summer, so when they do end up eating, they grab junk. Avoid doing this by coming up with a few go-to recipes!

Don't Let Your Health Slip This Summer
Exercise Outdoors

Stay away from the gym if you get too hot and bothered in there and exercise outdoors instead. It’ll do you the world of good, and you can get creative with your surroundings. Running, walking, or jogging is fine, but how about using benches and strong trees to do step ups, pull ups, and other exercises? Go to a park and come up with a =circuit you can do!= Have fun with it and you’ll want to keep up your new fitness routine.

Keep Up Your Water Consumption

Water is especially important during summer when we’re probably losing more fluid than normal. Drinking fruit water makes a nice summery change from regular water and will keep you hydrated. Carry a bottle with you everywhere you go so you don’t forget.

Adjust Your Bedroom For The Season

You’re not going to get healthy sleep if your bedroom isn’t suited to the season. If you’re too hot, you won’t sleep properly. You might need to change your duvet and sheets to a more breathable, lighter material. Get a fan if it’s really hot!

Avoid Overdoing Social Eating/Drinking

Summer tends to present many opportunities for socializing, many of which come with the opportunity to stuff our faces and drink our body weight in alcohol. Avoid doing this too often. If you need other things to do, why not join a new class, get a new hobby, plan trips to visit new places with your loved ones - there are endless fun things you can do that don’t involve eating a ton and drinking even more! Let loose once in a while, but be mindful.


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