CRAVE Cat Dry Food, Salmon & Ocean Fish

This is seriously the absolute best food for my cats. In fact, this is the only brand that they will eat, unless I offer them canned food and well, most of that smells pretty well, putrid. They will also eat one of the best brand named dry foods. But, that is it. They are simply not that happy to eat dried food.

CRAVE Or, so I thought.

CRAVE When I brought the bag into my office, they immediately began, what with the sniffing and the scratching. They's cats and I expect that to some degree. But, seriously, CALM DOWN! It's not cat pesos or Disneyland rewards or anything. It's just food. Granted, Snoe and Sparkles have a discerning palate. They are very persnickety. They are not ready to simply chew up an old shoe. Though the girl will occasionally go for my aglets.

But, I digress.

Finally, I opened it. I threw caution to the wind and opened it. My photos speak for themselves. While there was no bowl or plate around, I eventually just laid down a bandana for them and they have been eating ever since.

CraveWell, practically.

Also worthy of note is the fact that CRAVE was sent via It was well-packaged and certainly, well-received. A big hit, all the way around.

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