World Premier: Crown Heights Affair Come Out With a New Song

We had never heard of Crown Heights Affair before, at least not that we remember anyway. Gone are the days that the artist and song titles did not run across your car radio (Thank YOU GOD!). But, this surprises us since we were surely roller skating to their hits when we were younger. Even their new world premier, Mary, Mary has that incredible late-seventies throwback sound which we never outgrew a passion and a groove for.

Mary, Mary, features William Anderson and is the product of Trezure Roxx/MPRE SONY Orchard Records.

World Premier
We have sampled six versions and thusly recorded our reactions;

Really like the Radio Edit. Catchy. Funky. Easy to sing along with. Excellent horn section. We will be singing this as we get dress in the morning.

The OG Version has more kick than the Radio Edit. There's a running percussion line which is just cleansing to the ears. Sweet!

4 on the Floor is a white bread version. Seriously, it seems to have a little less of the funk and a little less of our interest.

We are rarely fond of the Instrumental Version of anything. However, this one would be fun for writing your own words and just messin' around with. A lot of it seems to be looped. Hence, it should be easy to cut and paste for your audio mixing fun.
World Premier
We love acapella. Always have. However, this song doesn't lend itself well to this style of music. There are too many junctures of silence/space, unless you wanted to work really hard to fill in all of the gaps with scatting, your own mixes and such.

Please, do not misunderstand. The Acapella Version is perfectly tight. It would be a real challenge to listen to if this weren't so well executed. You can hide imperfections with a large group of people. Not so with a group of 8, or so. Timing and tempo are perfect.

Just as an aside, we did not listen to any of the group's older cuts (Dance Lady Dance, Dancin', Dream World, Every Beat of My Heart, etc.), as we wanted to be really focused on the new one. We will though. Love that retro/Old School sound!

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