Why Body Confidence Matters Above All Else

Body confidence. It matters. This is something that can be agreed by everyone from all walks of life. Feeling comfortable in your body is superior to feeling insecure and terrible about it. Of course, you know this. It’s not as if this insight will unlock a certain new perception to help you feel completely comfortable in your body. We all object to ourselves in certain ways, and this is a natural part of being a person.

However, when it affects your life, when it limits you as it shouldn’t, this might signify time for change. Sometimes that means changing yourself, sometimes that means changing your view. Sometimes it means simply accepting yourself and being responsible in your self-love.

This article might not work for everyone, but we hope to suggest means to help you feel better about yourself. After all, we know that you deserve to.

Why Body Confidence Matters Above All Else
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Many people neglect to express who they truly are through their dress. This might be because of worry and shame regarding how they look, or they might dress to cover insecurities and nothing else. For example, wearing long sleeve shirts to cover a scar or hats to cover alopecia are common. But would it be more healthy for you if you integrated that ‘flaw’ into your personality and rock it for all it’s worth? After all, you will not meet one person on planet Earth who is perfect in all of their proportions, beauty and style. Anyone who judges you based on that does not deserve your time in the smallest matter anyway. Being yourself is so worth the apparent cost of entry it can be difficult to see an alternate route to truly take once you’re there.

Also, don’t be afraid to do what truly makes you happy. If dressing in old-school suits, kimonos, getting cosmetic work such as breast aug surgery, or being tattooed from head to toe is something you feel the most comfortable in - who has the right to talk you out of it? You might just gain the confidence you have always needed this way, provided the decisions you make are healthy, and not driven by body dysmorphia.


This sounds like a hollow point. It sounds like you’re being told to improve yourself and do your best to look better than how you do now. This is not the fixture of this point. What exercise does is give you dominion and self-respect within your own skin. Working through a difficult run gives you more of an intimate understanding of your body and mind than anything a stylish fashion magazine could give you. Even if you haven’t the perfect frame, or flaws that make you comfortable, exercise helps you feel worthy within your own skin. After all, who is someone to judge you when you are making strides to maintain your health and physically show you respect your body through action and self-love?

Done for the right reasons, exercise can be a powerful spiritual tool to amass body confidence. Sure it lessens your waistline and gifts you a healthier, more vibrant body rushing with feel-good endorphins and excellence in all ways, but the emotional stability and self-love it promotes is completely priceless.

With these tips, loving and feeling confident in your frame can grow and serve you as a fundamental basis of positivity throughout your entire life.


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