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Print Pictures hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico and offers images on canvas, of the best quality that we've ever seen. They offer a product that we have never experienced before. Unique!

Agh! We finally get it! When we ordered this product for review, we did not understand the, "Augmented Reality," aspect of the image. We would have (easily) understood it, had we spent a few minutes reading about it. Duh. One simply downloads the app (OVERLY) and after having done that and scanned the applicable image, your video plays.

We selected a video that goes along with some of this group's parties. We took some of the images of our posse and created this collage with it. It was remarkable easy to do and the quality is vibrant, beautiful and alive!
Print Pictures
Seriously, this is our third image-to-canvas review and this one is our favorite. Also, we dealt with about 4 different customer service representative's, all who were friendly, helpful and on-time.

This particular image is 16X12 inches and would cost $111.00, plus $10.90 for shipping. For the quality, this is within the expected price range. We are so glad to add this piece to our collection. Use this SUPER-SONIC, ULTRA PRIVATE, BEHIND THE SCENES code GINAE84 and receive 84% off of any order. Sweet!

It's just very satisfying to see your images hanging on a wall, on canvas. Print Pictures has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, offers SSL encryption and the canvas arrives pretty quickly.

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