Japanese Green Tea

During the latter part of last month, tea shop proprietor Kei Nishida decided to send out two free samples for Issaku (green tea from Japan). We received ours and these are good sample sizes. One is Lemon and the other is Mikan.

Japanese Green TeaThe teas are the result of a collaboration between an Arahataen tea farm and local to our favorite tea outfit, high school students.

We passed these on to our resident matcha/tea aficionado and this is what she had to say about these which, by the way, are not cheap. We are grateful to have gotten them;

Green Tea with Japanese Orange (Mikan)
Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Green Tea
Green Tea with Lemon

On the norm, we like a little sugar in our hot tea and this was just perfect. We didn't have to add anything else, as we normally spend some time doctoring up our teas. Delicious.

Both flavors are really good and you can get yours from the website, as listed below.

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