Geico TV Commercial: What Would a Woodchuck Chuck

A serious looking gentleman in a suit paces as he thoughtfully poses the following;

"Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? (Pause.)

Do woodchuck's chuck wood?"
Geico TV Commercial

The scene changes as quickly as his sentence ends and we are treated to wooden bars, being hurled into a body of water as two adorable, yet mischievous woodchuck's chuck wood into the water, then giggle, one with another. The laugh is really cute. Darling, even!

The ill-mannered pair continue to toss, then laugh, when they hear an automobile of some sort and give each other a knowing look as they must be asking in their own language, "Huh?!"

The driver clearly owns this property and begins yelling at the bad seeds, "Hey, you woodchuck's, quit chuckin' my wood!" The two ignore his stern words and continue the task at hand, which is, wood chucking.

The Geico name comes up on screen with the 15 minute or 15% spiel and we enjoy the water ripples behind the text because we know from whence it comes.

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