A Resurrection AKA The Sibling (2013)

Eli (Jonathan Michael Trautmann) has lost his brother to a hit-and-run driver and he knows who's responsible, as he's enlisted the assistance of a witch (Annie Kitral) to bring his brother back, long enough to find out who's killed him.

However, considering that the deceased has been dug up, has the witch done more with Eli, so that Devon (Patrick de Ledebur) can come back to life?

A Resurrection AKA The Sibling (2013)
Brandon: Where (are) you going freak?

Deputy Blair: The boy's grave was dug up. The body's gone.

Eli: He's the only one who ever loved me.

Eli: I'm taking my meds.

Eli: They killed my brother.

Eli: They ran him down like a dog and left him for the birds.

Eli: You don't believe me.

Eli: You don't believe there are things you can't see.

Jessie: Are you taking a nap? Daniel.

Nick: I don't know anything.

Nick: It was an accident.

The Bruja: I help people.

The Bruja: What do you say to someone who has lost their brother, hmmm?

Directed by: Matt Orlando

Produced by: Martin Blazer, George and Helene Levine

Written by: Matt Orlando

Starring: Mischa Barton, Michael Clarke Duncan and Devon Sawa

Genre: Horror

Rated: R

Release date: December, 2012 (US)

Taglines: He's coming for you

Vital Link: IMDb

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