7 Charming Sisters is Doing a Giveaway

7 Charming Sisters (7 CS) is a group of like-minded ladies in that they foster the concepts of fun, beauty and individuality. In fact, what they have created is 7 lines of jewelry, each with a specific taste in mind. Clearly, price and quality seem equally as important to this impressive group of women!
7 Charming Sisters is Doing a Giveaway
Currently, we are reaching out to let youall know about current (7 CS) giveaway promotions for their Spring into Fashion Give-A-Way. 4 winners will receive new jewelry, delivered to their front door for 4 months in a row. Each delivery is valued at $200.00. Sweet!

Feel free to click on the giveaway banner to the right of this text and enter like a person who is hopped up on the prospect of new jewelry!

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