Tips For Traveling On A Tight Budget

With the current economic climate and the consumerist society we live in, it can sometimes be difficult to get your finances in order enough to have a disposable income that will stretch to achieve your travel dreams. Of course, it is always advisable that you travel whilst you are young and have no limitations, fewer responsibilities and your physical health on your side. Although you may not have money on your side, here are some tips for saving money whilst you travel, so you don’t have to hold off on ticking a few places off of your travel bucket list.

Tips For Traveling On A Tight Budget
Reevaluate Your Accommodation 

If you are struggling for money to travel, your accommodation should be the first thing you decide to scrimp on. In reality, the only reason you need accommodation is to have somewhere to rest your head at night after a long day. There are now pod hotels, Airbnb and hostels that can help you to cut down on your sleeping costs. Be honest, if your dream is to see the world - you are hardly going to achieve that by spending time in a luxury hotel room, and what is the point in paying out for one if you’re hardly going to be in it? The alternative is to look for apartment options for your accommodation - this will be especially beneficial to your finances if you are traveling for a prolonged period of time. Having an apartment where you can cook your own food will save you a lot of money, as you are not paying premium prices in tourist destination restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Evaluate how long you want to to be traveling for, and what type of accommodation will save you the most money. A short trip when you’ll want to see as much as possible - the former. A long trip where you’ll want a few days to rest in between all the sightseeing - the latter.


First off, it is important to research any options that may be cheaper to your first call of transport. For example: if you are based in the UK, getting the Eurostar to Paris will be cheaper than flying. Once you’re sure you’re going with the cheapest transport available to you, see what the difference in price is to booking early and booking last minute. Sometimes there is a premium on booking early or late depending on the company - and you’ll want to go with the cheaper of the two. If you are getting to your destination by flying, looking into the best airline credit card could help to offset come of the overall travel cost, and you could be rewarded with air miles depending on how much you spend. Air miles can be put towards your future travels and save you further expenses, so they are worth looking into.

As well as the above, choosing a cheaper destination on your bucket list like Krakow or Croatia, rather than the tourist-attracting cities like London, Copenhagen, and Paris will help to significantly reduce your overall travel expenditure. Making well-informed choices around that destination could lead to a much cheaper holiday than you first anticipated - and if you end up saving a substantial amount - your second getaway won’t be too far in the future. It’s a win-win.


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