LifeBasis 100-120V 60Hz (CD-7920)

If you were to do a quick visual scan of the LifeBasis website, you might wonder if they were a new company. Some of the internal links don't divulge anything. But, we tested one of the cleaners today and really like it.

Received: (1) 100-120V 60Hz (CD-7920)

LifeBasis 100-120V 60Hz (CD-7920)This is a neat, little contraption to have. We used the cleaner this morning. Combs were our target.

This DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER has an extensive user guide book in several languages. These are easy to use and seem very complete. Thank goodness!

This outfit arrives with a tank with an ultrasonic cleaner, a digital timer with different applications and settings for different types of objects being cleaned and a LED blue light.

Visually, this is an attractive tank with an attached cover and a basket to place your items into. The LED window lights up during the cleansing process. Just fill the tank water without the basket in. Fill it to minimum or maximum level.

LifeBasis 100-120V 60Hz (CD-7920)When the unit is done, the timer counts down to 0. Unplugged the cleaner. Pour out remaining water and there you go.

We really wanted to use this for our hair brushes. But, this model is too small. Still, we are glad to have it. Many items are cleansed in an ultrasonic environment. That's what makes these so awesome to have. The company ships all over for free too.


  • CD's 
  • Dentures 
  • Eyeglasses 
  • Jewelries (Some)
  • Mouth Appliances

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