Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola Review & Giveaway

The Kitchfix page on Amazon offers up sparse, yet, critical notes. For instance, you may find shell fragments amongst the delicious clusters, the manufacturing facility employs tree nuts and pistachios. Raisins are included. Ech.

Kitchfix is an ever-growing organization, founded by Chef Josh Katt. His company offers complete and well-balanced meals to many Chicago area codes and suburbs. For now.


  • (1) 10 Oz Bag Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola - Honey Pecan 
  • (1) 10 Oz Bag Kitchfix Grain-Free Granola - Original Mix

Both bag mixes are enrapturing. You will salivate if you hang your nose over the edge of the bag for a few seconds. So, yeah. Please, be mindful of that if you at any point, wish to share your booty.

Excellent for Paleo Diet enthusiast's and nut lovers, these are available on Amazon. Prices begin @ $10.59 (10 Oz), $17.99 (6-pack) and end @ $26.99 for a 3 Pack. Prices drop if you subscribe to them, rather than make a solitary purchases.

Available from the Amazon link.

Oh, yeah, these are outstanding for snacker's too!

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