28 Hotel Rooms (2012): Synopsis and Quotes

A man and a woman, who's first and last names we don't know, meet while on business. They stay together that first nite and 28 nites subsequent to that.

Man is played by Chris Messina and he falls in love with Woman (Marin Ireland), who is in a relationship with another man.

The way the story ends, one would surmise that the sleep-overs continue indefinitely.

This is not a movie for a younger audience.

Man: Did you ever break-dance?

Go back to your husband.
28 Hotel Rooms
I like your laugh.

I love those bony hips.

I love your eyes.

I love your moles.

Who's the first person you ever kissed?

Man: Would you rather be eaten by a shark or die in an earthquake?

You got any brothers or sisters?

Woman: I can't do this right now.

I can't stay.

I love him. I think.

I'm not leaving him.

It's just a book.

Directed by: Matt Ross

Written by: Matt Ross

Genre: Drama

Starring: Robert Deamer, Marin Ireland and Chris Messina

Rated: Not Rated

Time: 82 minutes

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