Winter Warmers: Breakfast Ideas For The Colder Months

We all know how important breakfast is; it sets us up for the day, boosts brain power and stops us from overeating later on. During the summer breakfast is a little easier- fruit salad, smoothies, yogurt and cereal with ice cold milk are all good choices. But when it’s cold outside in the winter, the last thing you probably want to do is wake up at eat something cold. A warm breakfast will warm you up and is generally much nicer and more comforting on those chilly mornings. Here are a few ideas!


You can’t go wrong with porridge. It’s filling, nutritious and versatile, you can add lots of different toppings to change up the taste and boost the nutrients. For a sweet treat at the weekend, make it up with some chocolate flavored soy milk and stir in mashed banana and a little bit of peanut butter. You could top it with some desiccated coconut for a breakfast that’s as good as dessert!

Otherwise and adding chopped fruit (fresh and dried) nuts and other goodies can add to the health benefits. Instead of adding sugar, why not use honey instead - due to the sweetness you can use less of it so works out lower in calories. Plus there are vitamins and minerals in it too. According to raw honey is an even healthier option since it’s free of chemicals and other additives. You could have porridge on multiple days of the week, and it will taste different so you can keep it interesting.


Eggs are full of protein, b-vitamins and other goodness, they’re an ideal choice for breakfast as they keep you full until lunch. If you have time in the morning you could whip up some scrambled or poached eggs with some avocado and wholemeal toast. If you’re pushed for time in the morning you could make ‘omelet bites’ using a muffin tray, bake up a batch and put them in Tupperware in the fridge. Then you can give them a quick blast in the microwave in the morning and have a hot, delicious egg breakfast. At the weekends when you have more time you could make tasty eggs Benedict, high on calories so definitely a treat but big on taste!

Winter Warmers
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Breakfast Burrito

If you’re after something a little more hearty in the morning and have more time, a breakfast burrito is a good choice. The great thing about burritos is they’re portable so you can eat it on the go unlike say, a cooked breakfast. Fill with scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, avocado, tomato or anything else you like to eat for breakfast. A full filled tortilla is a very big breakfast, what you could do is half it with a partner or family member. Providing you’ve not gone with a filling that’s too wet, you could wrap up half for the next day and pop it in the fridge.

What’s your favorite cold weather breakfast to warm you up in the mornings?


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