The Pros And Cons Of Vaping

Every year, a greater number of people are packing in their smoking habit and turning to vaping. Whilst vaping may seem like a healthier alternative, there are still several risks and disadvantages to consider when using an e-cig. Here are some of the main pros and cons to vaping.


You’ll Smell Better

Opposed to the smell of cigarettes, the sweet scent of vaping is much more pleasant. Your breath and your clothes won’t smell as bad, which could be a big plus when it comes to feeling better about yourself.

It’s Cheaper Than Smoking

Vaping is undeniably cheaper than smoking. Providing you don’t spend too much on an e-cigarette, you could save $1,500 by buying e-liquids instead of packets of cigarettes according to VaporHQ.

There’s a Lot of Variety

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to e-liquid flavors. This includes variety when it comes to nicotine strength, giving you the option to make vaping less harmful. With smoking, you have brands and filters but not much else when it comes to variety.

You Can Create Cool Plumes

Part of the big appeal of vaping is also the plumes that you can create. These are much easier to create than when smoking a cigarette. There’s even an activity known as ‘cloud-chasing’ that’s sprung up out of it, which has inspired competitions across the globe and conventions.


It’s Not Great for Your Oral Health

Vaping may be better for your teeth than smoking due to the lack of tar, but it can still cause gum disease as health stats show. There have also been links between vaping and ‘smoker’s cough’. At the very least, vaping can cause dry mouth.

Batteries Have Been Known to Explode

There have been a number of cases of e-cigarettes exploding. This is something you don’t get with cigarettes. Cases are few and far between, but there’s still a risk that you could get harmed by an exploding e-cigarette in your pocket.

It’s Easier to Take in More Nicotine

Studies have found that people vape more often than they would usually smoke. It’s more convenient and there are less social restrictions and so people puff away, taking in more nicotine than they would regularly do smoking. This obviously doesn’t count those that smoke nicotine-free e-liquids, however those that do smoke e-liquids containing nicotine could be doing further harm to themselves.

There Are Already Bans Coming About

Laws have already started to be enforced when it comes to the age of e-cig users and the legal nicotine levels. Many public places have banned the use of e-cigarettes indoors. Meanwhile, there are some countries such as Turkey and Thailand in which vaping is banned. Those taking up vaping need to be aware of these restrictions as failing to comply could result in getting arrested in some cases.


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