Soft Sided Pet Carrier

There is so much more to this pet carrier than I was originally aware of when I bought it. I got it to take one of the cats to the vet when it's time to go. The boy won't appreciate it. He likes to hides down in a box and not see anything.
Soft Sided Pet Carrier
The girl will appreciate it, once she's inside. She is not afraid of the car and will even escape from my loving grasp to explore. This way, she will feel safer because she can look around.

I like this carrier better than the crates as they seem so cold to me.

All of the plastic on the carrier is durable, as are the straps and the carrier itself. The bottom portion feels like a board (strength). But, there are two coverings over the board for the ultimate comfort of your animal.

Please, don't tell my cats that I said this. But, really, I am a dog person. However, I needed these two rescues in my life and I will love them to the very end. Eventually, when I can work another dog into my life, I can use this for him/her as well.

One of the ends bears the GO PETZ logo.

It's just an overall nice package.

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