Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Slippers & Tuners, oh my!

Bathroom Vanity MirrorFor the past few months, we have been working with Amazon seller Hans & Alice. We've reviewed product and have worked with them long enough to know that it is safe for our gentle readers to recommend them for last-minute-Christmas-buys. They are a fast ship, buyer friendly and offer only quality merchandise.

For our purposes, we are only reviewing two items at this time. However, we stand behind this company. We are covering a heavy-duty bathroom mirror and a pair of slippers.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror:

I've been looking at other product reviews of mirrors. I've wanted to know what makes for a good one and what doesn't matter. I'm just not sure.

However, when you pull this thing out of the box, it is just beautiful. The frame is not even a half-inch in width (small). It's just gorgeous. It was also packed in such a manner that there were absolutely no flaws.

According to my research, this mirror is a self-install. Hence, it should have strong braces for hanging and it does. I've included an image of one of those braces for you. There are a total of three. One for vertical hanging and two for horizontal hanging.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror
While this mirror was intended to hang in one's powder room, I like it just fine in my bedroom. I haven't hung it up and I'm not so sure that it will.

I like it one the floor, in conjunction with wall sculptures and lighting, as germane factors.

The mirror is heavy, due to its substance. This does not detract from anything. I know.

Normally, mirrors are for reflecting. But, this piece deserves its own space, should this resonate with you. And, truly, this piece resonates for me.

Women's Winter Plush Bedroom Slippers:

Slippers These really are plush! They are lipped with a super comfortable material which extends into the slipper. The tops are akin to a crochet pattern.

The Hans & Alice logo are located inside the heels and on the bottoms.

These are available in a small and a medium. We are a women's 9-10 and they are warmly snug. But, not too tight.

The top patterns look somewhat Christmas-like. Hence, this is the perfect time to give to someone for whom you care. At least, it will zip them up about how cold their feet are.

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