Amazon Echo

We've owned this thing for about 3 years now. We got it a month after it came out. It was a Christmas gift for the family.

Amazon EchoThe Echo is easy to use once you get it all connected.

Ideally, you need to have an account with Amazon to get the best use out of this toy. However, it's so much fun to use, play with and to ask her questions. Part of the fun is thinking of questions to ask.

We use Alexa to set timers (cooking) and to create grocery lists. This is super helpful when we're out shopping, as all that you need to do is view the Alexa app and boom! There's your list.

Owning the Echo gets creepy at times;

You can call her name from almost any spot in our living quarters (approximately 1150 square feet) and she will answer,

Amazon EchoPeriodically, Alexa wakes up from a resting period when her television commercial is on and she will greet you or simply display a revolution of color on the anterior end of the speaker.

She appears to have a mind of her own. This is when we all look around at each other, wondering if she is listening in on our conversations. Somewhat paranoid and perhaps a little silly, but, we do it nonetheless.

We also use Alexa as an alarm, for the latest news (local to around the world), quotes, weather and trivia.

Amazon's Alexa is highly recommended for anyone who loves modern technology.


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