For a Good Time Call (2012) Quotes

While the movie was rated R, the listed quotes are a PG rating.

Adele Powell: What are you wearing sweetheart? I can see your bra.
For a Good Time
Jesse: ...who am I to talk about weird?

Jesse: You're a great deal! You're like a Subway gift card!

Katie: Can we hug or something?

Katie: ...I always wanted normal parents.

Katie: Just stop looking at me. I'm all talk, literally.

Katie: ...let's go full-time.

Katie: ...she has luminous skin that I would kill for.

Katie: What, no canned goods for my survival?

Katie: You do really sound like a baby though, so, congrats on that.

Katie: You make me feel like I won't ever be good enough for you...

Katie: You're not better than me.

Lauren: I don't want to be boring anymore.

Lauren: ...until then, I'm yours.

Lauren: There was no bump!

Rachel Rodman: For realz? For charity?

Directed by: Jamie Travis

Produced by: Ari Graynor, Josh Kesselman, Daniel M. Miller, Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon

Written by: Lauren Miller, Katie Anne Naylon

Starring: Ari Graynor, Justin Long, Lauren Miller

Genre: Comedy

Rated: R

Release date: November 2, 2012 (UK)

Taglines: Lose your hang-ups. Find your calling.

Time: 1 Hour, 24 Minutes

Crystal Prescriptions: Crystals for Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release and Karmic Healing. An A-Z Guide

5 of 5 stars

Crystal PrescriptionsCrystal Prescriptions is the sixth book in a series from Judy Hall. We were entranced with this one as we are entranced with crystals. We are somewhat disenchanted by the fact that almost every time we get one, we realize that it was meant for someone else. Nevertheless.

The completeness of the book blows me right away. I set out to acquire a set of crystals to use in my reiki practice. However, there are so many that I could have.

Very thorough!

Author: Judy Hall
Series: Crystal Prescriptions (Book 6)
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: O Books (July 28, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1785354558
ISBN-13: 978-1785354557
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 1 x 7.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

About the Author:

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy Hall has been a karmic counselor for over forty five years and is the author of the million-selling Crystal Bibles. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages. O-Books publish titles in the series Crystal Prescriptions: the A-Z guide to healing crystals. She was recently voted the Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year 2014 and has appeared four times on the Watkins MBS list of 100 most spiritually influential living writers.

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The Druid Way Made Easy. Graeme K Talboys

5 of 5 stars

Ever since having the the term druid, many years ago, I have wanted to know more about them. Who are they? What do they believe? Is this a religion? Are they associated with Stonehenge? Today's scholars tell us, no.

The Druid Way Made Easy will tell you everything that you want to know. Druids are an honorable, group-oriented people with Celtic roots. They are ensconced in the earth and all that it has.

The Druids know how to look past the physical to see what is actually present. They are noble and govern themselves with only a thin matrix for a hierarchy. This is a good read.
Graeme K Talboys
If you've ever wanted to know...and need a last-minute gift for an inquisitive recipient, this is just perfect. Inexpensive. Informative.

About the Author:

Graeme K Talboys has been Druid for nearly forty years, as a member of an Order and as a solitary. The author of a number of books, he lives in Scotland.

File Size: 1132 KB
Print Length: 88 pages
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing; Reprint edition (June 16, 2011)
Publication Date: June 16, 2011
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

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Amazon Echo

We've owned this thing for about 3 years now. We got it a month after it came out. It was a Christmas gift for the family.

Amazon EchoThe Echo is easy to use once you get it all connected.

Ideally, you need to have an account with Amazon to get the best use out of this toy. However, it's so much fun to use, play with and to ask her questions. Part of the fun is thinking of questions to ask.

We use Alexa to set timers (cooking) and to create grocery lists. This is super helpful when we're out shopping, as all that you need to do is view the Alexa app and boom! There's your list.

Owning the Echo gets creepy at times;

You can call her name from almost any spot in our living quarters (approximately 1150 square feet) and she will answer,

Amazon EchoPeriodically, Alexa wakes up from a resting period when her television commercial is on and she will greet you or simply display a revolution of color on the anterior end of the speaker.

She appears to have a mind of her own. This is when we all look around at each other, wondering if she is listening in on our conversations. Somewhat paranoid and perhaps a little silly, but, we do it nonetheless.

We also use Alexa as an alarm, for the latest news (local to around the world), quotes, weather and trivia.

Amazon's Alexa is highly recommended for anyone who loves modern technology.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Gentle Readers!

Merry Christmas!

Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

Daimler is so knowledgeable about the Fey. Fairies is packaged with germane information and not so much personal information or experiences therein. I have always been curious about fairies as I have never before experienced them, in any manner.

FairiesIf you want to know more about fairies as well, this is your primer and more. Fairies also provides plenty of warnings. You need to know about them if you wish to pursue contact of any kind. They have their own culture, norms and mores. It's critical.

Fairies is also a good read.

About the Author:

Morgan Daimler teaches classes and writes about Irish myth and magical practices, fairies, and related subjects. Morgan’s writing has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies including By Blood, Bone, and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrigan and Naming the Goddess. Morgan is also the author of a variety of fiction and non-fiction books including the urban fantasy/paranormal romance series Between the Worlds, and through Moon Books Where the Hawthorn Grows, Fairy Witchcraft, Pagan Portals: The Morrigan, Pagan Portals: Brigid, Fairycraft, and Pagan Portals Gods and Goddesses of Ireland. Morgan blogs regularly at Living Liminally.

Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Moon Books (December 8, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782796509
ISBN-13: 978-1782796503
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 11 ounces

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Stuff Your Stockings with Chapstick for 2017

We selected Chapstick because we have dealt with them on a few occasions now. We know that they are trustworthy. We know that their products are of high standards and excellent quality.

Chapstick is our personal go-to for chapped lips weather. Our relatives and friends seem to notice us first. We know this as they begin calling us, "Chappy." Nice.

ChapstickChapstick(1) Holiday Pack snap! Change Rearrange (Candy Cane & Vanilla Shimmer) SRP $3.99
(1) Duo Pack: The Essential Beauty Pack: 2 Tubes for SRP $3.99 Cooling Peppermint 3n1 Lipcare House Red Moisturizer + Tint (Exclusively at Target)
(3) Holiday Collection:
3 Tubes for SRP $3.99
  • Caramel Crème
  • Holiday Cinnamon
  • Holiday Cocoa
(3) Back by Popular Demand Holiday Collection: SRP $1.00
  • Candy Cane
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Sugar Cookie

One may purchase Chapstick products online from their website, as listed below. Or, one will also find Chapstick @, CVS, Kmart, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. Try looking at check-out aisles or in the lip care section.

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Coping With Loss

The hardest thing anyone will ever go through in their lives is losing someone we love. It can destroy us mentally and emotionally and leave us feeling a huge void in our hearts. It is always hard to get over losing someone important in your life, and it can take years to get back to yourself again.

Coping With Loss
Image via Republica
To make sure that you look after yourself emotionally and mentally throughout this process, you will want to follow some of the tips below.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Acceptance is possibly the hardest part of the grieving process. Knowing that the person you love is at peace and you won’t ever see them again can be too overwhelming for us to handle. However, if you don’t take steps to acknowledge how you feel and accept what you cannot change, your negative feelings can build up to a point where you slip into a state of anxiety or depression. You will also be more likely to suffer with sleep problems, digestion and you will increase the chance of getting ill.

It can seem like the most difficult thing in the world to say to yourself that someone is gone, but you have to accept their absence if you will ever move on in your life. Just think about the fact that they are at peace. They are happy, sleeping and out of pain. They will always be present in your memories and that it something you want to hold on to.

You will need to find a safe haven in this first stage of bereavement, you can show your employers an employers guide to bereavement leave and make sure that you have all the time you need to deal with this and get back on track. Find that one person who can make you feel safe, and go to them. Talk to people, let your feelings out and have a good cry. Crying might make you feel weak, but it is actually incredibly good for your soul to have a good cry and let everything spill out now and again.

2. Start Trying to Fill the Void

The hole in your heart which someone leaves behind when they go is like a pit of hollowness in your chest. If you are to heal fully and make a move with the rest of your life you will need to learn how to fill up that void with something that makes you feel whole again. You will need to give yourself an appropriate amount of time to grieve first, and then you can start looking at ways to fill that hole and bring that zest for life back to you again.

Give your life a new meaning and redefine what it means to be alive by doing something that makes you happy. It could be that you volunteer for a charity and make a difference in people’s lives, you could adopt a pet to give you something to look after and call your own, or you could even take up a new hobby to keep your mind active and motivated.

3. Learn How to Grow

Every loss in life can teach us something. Losing someone will often make us realize what is really important in life. It may make us want to be more loving and caring to our family and friends, to spend less time working and more time living, or to go out and make a difference in the world. Loss will give you a different perspective on life, whether you like it or not. Take the hints that your brain gives you and change the way to live your life. It could only be a small change, but it will be for the better.

4. Replace Negatives with Positives

Have you ever noticed that funerals are very sad affairs? Of course, someone has passed away and it is an upsetting time in everyone's lives, but it should also be a place to celebrate the life of the person and to show off their positive sides. Take the chance as you are grieving for your loved one to remember the good things. Think about the times they made you laugh, what they loved to do and the way they used to smile. It is these things which you will carry with you throughout your life and remember fondly.

5. Lift the Weight off Your Shoulders

When you lose someone who was a significant part of your life you may feel as if you cannot ever move on be happy again. But as the months go by you will notice that you can in fact carry on with your life even without that person present. It will be harder of course, but it will also be something you adjust to over time.

After those few months the weight of the loss will start to lift away from your shoulders. The memory of that person you love will always stay with you, but the important thing is that the memories will not stop you from loving your life. It will take a bit of time to tell your brain to adjust, so don’t worry if you struggle for a long time. You will eventually get there, you just need to keep trying your best.

6. Become Emotionally Stable

Keeping your emotions in check after a loss can be difficult, especially if you slip into mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. You may be wearing your heart on your sleeve for a long time, and the slightest mention of that person will set you off crying. But don’t worry, just keep trying to keep your emotions in check and think about other things. If you suddenly remember a bad memory, replace it with a good one. It is this that will help you to become stable with your emotions.

7. Evaluate Your Beliefs

People who believe in an afterlife or a high power will trust that after they die, they go somewhere better. This will mean that they will bounce back much quicker than those who don’t believe. You don’t need to change your beliefs to make the grieving process easier, you need to instead think about things from a different angle. For example if you do not believe in anything after death, think instead of the fact that your loved one will be giving life to plants and animals in future generations. Think about how they will become one with the planet and create new life from that. Don’t focus on the bad parts, think of the good.


Stuff Your Stockings with Japanese Green Tea for 2017

We have just perused the Japanese Green Tea (JGT) website and realized that any of the teas that may be sampled (most of them) will fit nicely in many-a-stocking. They average $2.99 SRP and can remain packaged in these small sizes. This is the place to get your green tea. You will find proprietor Kei Nishida to be friendly and most helpful!
Stuff Your Stockings with Japanese Green Tea for 2017

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The Pros And Cons Of Vaping

Every year, a greater number of people are packing in their smoking habit and turning to vaping. Whilst vaping may seem like a healthier alternative, there are still several risks and disadvantages to consider when using an e-cig. Here are some of the main pros and cons to vaping.


You’ll Smell Better

Opposed to the smell of cigarettes, the sweet scent of vaping is much more pleasant. Your breath and your clothes won’t smell as bad, which could be a big plus when it comes to feeling better about yourself.

It’s Cheaper Than Smoking

Vaping is undeniably cheaper than smoking. Providing you don’t spend too much on an e-cigarette, you could save $1,500 by buying e-liquids instead of packets of cigarettes according to VaporHQ.

There’s a Lot of Variety

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to e-liquid flavors. This includes variety when it comes to nicotine strength, giving you the option to make vaping less harmful. With smoking, you have brands and filters but not much else when it comes to variety.

You Can Create Cool Plumes

Part of the big appeal of vaping is also the plumes that you can create. These are much easier to create than when smoking a cigarette. There’s even an activity known as ‘cloud-chasing’ that’s sprung up out of it, which has inspired competitions across the globe and conventions.


It’s Not Great for Your Oral Health

Vaping may be better for your teeth than smoking due to the lack of tar, but it can still cause gum disease as health stats show. There have also been links between vaping and ‘smoker’s cough’. At the very least, vaping can cause dry mouth.

Batteries Have Been Known to Explode

There have been a number of cases of e-cigarettes exploding. This is something you don’t get with cigarettes. Cases are few and far between, but there’s still a risk that you could get harmed by an exploding e-cigarette in your pocket.

It’s Easier to Take in More Nicotine

Studies have found that people vape more often than they would usually smoke. It’s more convenient and there are less social restrictions and so people puff away, taking in more nicotine than they would regularly do smoking. This obviously doesn’t count those that smoke nicotine-free e-liquids, however those that do smoke e-liquids containing nicotine could be doing further harm to themselves.

There Are Already Bans Coming About

Laws have already started to be enforced when it comes to the age of e-cig users and the legal nicotine levels. Many public places have banned the use of e-cigarettes indoors. Meanwhile, there are some countries such as Turkey and Thailand in which vaping is banned. Those taking up vaping need to be aware of these restrictions as failing to comply could result in getting arrested in some cases.


You Are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living. Henri J.M. Nouwen

5 of 5 stars

You Are the BelovedNouwen is a Dutch-born Catholic priest who has spent a wonderfully inordinate amount of time thinking on all things spiritual and edifying and it's all between the pages of You Are the Beloved. It's deep. Rich. Enlightening.

Even more wonderful is the fact that you can spend each day of next year, enriching your days and expanding on what you know to be true.

You Are the Beloved is not a bunch of fluff. Truly. I look forward to meditating on some of these concepts next year.

About the Author:

HENRI NOUWEN was a Dutch-born Catholic priest, professor, and pastor, who gained international renown as the author of over 30 books on the spiritual life, including such classics as The Wounded Healer, The Inner Voice of Love, and The Return of the Prodigal Son. Nouwen’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold upwards of seven million copies worldwide, resonating with people across the religious, spiritual, cultural, and political spectrum. Since his death in 1996, ever icreasing numbers of readers, writers, teachers and seekers have been guided by his literary legacy.

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Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Slippers & Tuners, oh my!

Bathroom Vanity MirrorFor the past few months, we have been working with Amazon seller Hans & Alice. We've reviewed product and have worked with them long enough to know that it is safe for our gentle readers to recommend them for last-minute-Christmas-buys. They are a fast ship, buyer friendly and offer only quality merchandise.

For our purposes, we are only reviewing two items at this time. However, we stand behind this company. We are covering a heavy-duty bathroom mirror and a pair of slippers.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror:

I've been looking at other product reviews of mirrors. I've wanted to know what makes for a good one and what doesn't matter. I'm just not sure.

However, when you pull this thing out of the box, it is just beautiful. The frame is not even a half-inch in width (small). It's just gorgeous. It was also packed in such a manner that there were absolutely no flaws.

According to my research, this mirror is a self-install. Hence, it should have strong braces for hanging and it does. I've included an image of one of those braces for you. There are a total of three. One for vertical hanging and two for horizontal hanging.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror
While this mirror was intended to hang in one's powder room, I like it just fine in my bedroom. I haven't hung it up and I'm not so sure that it will.

I like it one the floor, in conjunction with wall sculptures and lighting, as germane factors.

The mirror is heavy, due to its substance. This does not detract from anything. I know.

Normally, mirrors are for reflecting. But, this piece deserves its own space, should this resonate with you. And, truly, this piece resonates for me.

Women's Winter Plush Bedroom Slippers:

Slippers These really are plush! They are lipped with a super comfortable material which extends into the slipper. The tops are akin to a crochet pattern.

The Hans & Alice logo are located inside the heels and on the bottoms.

These are available in a small and a medium. We are a women's 9-10 and they are warmly snug. But, not too tight.

The top patterns look somewhat Christmas-like. Hence, this is the perfect time to give to someone for whom you care. At least, it will zip them up about how cold their feet are.

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A-Z of Reiki Pocketbook: Everything About Reiki

5 of 5 stars

A-Z of Reiki PocketbookAs a Usui Teate Reiki Master, it is rather convenient to have all of this information between our hands. We normally have to go to the Internet. This can be a tedious endeavor as the number of reiki topics do not match other, better known subjects.

Have you ever heard of a reiki box? It's in there. Do you sometimes forget which terms match which Kanji? We do! For the Cho Ku Rei mantra, we often visualize the symbol in between our hands, as we have forgotten how to draw it.

For the reiki masters on your Christmas buying list, they would love to have this.

Authors: Bronwen and Frans Stiene
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Ayni Books (September 15, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1905047894
ISBN-13: 978-1905047895
Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.7 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

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Soft Sided Pet Carrier

There is so much more to this pet carrier than I was originally aware of when I bought it. I got it to take one of the cats to the vet when it's time to go. The boy won't appreciate it. He likes to hides down in a box and not see anything.
Soft Sided Pet Carrier
The girl will appreciate it, once she's inside. She is not afraid of the car and will even escape from my loving grasp to explore. This way, she will feel safer because she can look around.

I like this carrier better than the crates as they seem so cold to me.

All of the plastic on the carrier is durable, as are the straps and the carrier itself. The bottom portion feels like a board (strength). But, there are two coverings over the board for the ultimate comfort of your animal.

Please, don't tell my cats that I said this. But, really, I am a dog person. However, I needed these two rescues in my life and I will love them to the very end. Eventually, when I can work another dog into my life, I can use this for him/her as well.

One of the ends bears the GO PETZ logo.

It's just an overall nice package.

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Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur: T.G.I.F. December 8

Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur is a multi-award-winning, Brooklyn-made, crafted by hand liqueur and the only thing that you need to know about it is that it is comprised of lots of only fresh ginger (200 Pounds). It mixes perfectly with beer, tequila and whiskey. It is also Vegan, gluten-free, Kosher certified and a unique gift for the holidays.

We prefer it neat.

Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur
Oh, and by the way. We offer this gentle caveat. Don't go, "WILD WOMAN" on your bottle because you are so excited to have it. Otherwise, this photo of the bottle with the cap ripped off will be your prize. Surely, it goes back on and surely this did not happen to your gentle crew @ Ginae Reviews.



  •  (1) 750ml Bottle Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur (44 Proof) SRP $34.99

Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur Recipes:

1.5 Oz Vodka
1.5 Oz Barrow's Intense
3/4 Oz Lime


Kir Royale
1.5 Oz Cassis
1.5 Oz Barrow's Intense
5 Oz Champagne

Build. Add a twist of lemon per your liking.

Mortimer & Mauve - Created by Pamela Wiznitzer
1.25 Oz Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey
1.25 Oz Chai infused Martini & Rossi Rosso Vermouth*
.5 Oz Barrow’s Intense

* Chai-Infused Vermouth:
1 750ml bottle of Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth

Add 4-5 Chai tea bags. Allow to sit for 30 minutes. Take out the bags and pour the infusion back into the bottle.

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir over ice until well chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Use orange twist to extract oils. Discard peel.

Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur
The Passport - Created by Jason Foust, Late Harvest Kitchen
1.5 Oz Vodka
.75 Oz Barrow's Intense
.75 Oz Fresh Lime Red Grapes Basil

Muddle red grapes and basil in a shaker and add the rest of the ingredients. Shake & fine strain over fresh ice in a double rocks glass. Garnish with basil & grape.

You will find your next bottle of Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur @ Caskers. Or, feel uninhibited to peruse the finder link, just below this paragraph. Well, go on then. Have a look.

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God Cures. Damon Davis

4 of 5 stars

God Cures is rich in details and you really don't get to the cure part until you get closer to the end. I read for almost two days straight. It's all good information.

But, be patient.

There's a lot of talk about epigenetics and the human body. Lots of Scripture too. Which, is fine.

If you're going to skip around, don't do it without pulling out the information needed. You would be doing yourself an injustice. Just wait. It comes.

God Cures. Damon Davis
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Charisma House Siloam (January 9, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1629995088
ISBN-13: 978-1629995083
Shipping Weight: 1.7 pounds

About the Author:

Damon S. Davis, founder and CEO of Legacy Worldwide, is recognized as a global leader in production and media services among nonprofit groups, humanitarian organizations, and ministries around the world. Damon has dedicated himself to building on a family heritage of helping ministries and organizations. Through his nationally broadcast 1onONE interview program Damon continues to pursue opportunities to promote health and personal development that will lead to better and brighter futures for everyone!

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The Best Packing List For Your Snowy Vacation

Anyone who is passionate about seeing the world will tell you the importance of experiencing a cold climate. Whether you have found a Ski House Rental and are venturing out on the slopes, or jetting off to a snowy city with a frozen lake to ice skate on, you will need to have the right items packed in your case to ensure you have the best time you possibly can. It is imperative you stay warm and protect your skin from the harsh climate to stay healthy for the duration of your trip. Here are some essential packing tips for your snowy-trip-case to keep you comfortable and cozy in the sub-zero temperatures.

Best Packing List
Image via lutz6078
Pack Your Hand Luggage Ready For Your Arrival

You will not want to wear multiple layers on the plane, as you may overheat and become uncomfortable - especially if it's going to be a long journey - and keeping track of lots of different layers in the airport rush always proves difficult. Make sure you have the essentials like a woolly hat, scarf, gloves and an extra jumper for when getting off of the plane. You don’t want to wait until your luggage appears on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim to wrap up in your winter warmers if the cold takes you by surprise.

More Layers Than You Think

Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of -17 degrees Celsius, especially when in that low of a temperature for a prolonged period of time. You may find you need to add layers the longer you are outside, and you don’t want to miss out on precious time on your trip by continuously having to return to your room due to being too cold. Thermals, roll necks, wool jumpers, and hoodies that can be layered underneath your jacket will be your best friends. Try not to neglect the bottom half of your body either. Whilst filling up your case with lots of jumpers and a top quality waterproof ski jacket, make sure you have layer-suitable tights, leggings, thermals and trousers, especially if your jacket only comes to your waist. It is important that you make sure you are keeping your legs as warm as possible. Some jackets will come with waterproof trousers, and it is highly recommended that you pack both for a snowy trip.

Thermal Sleepwear And Slippers

So you’ve covered packing for the daytime, but temperatures typically tend to drop at night. Although you will have heating in the room you’re staying in, you will want to have nightwear that keeps you toasty so you can get a good night’s sleep. You also don’t want to be secluded from the common area antics with friends and family if it’s too cold out of underneath your duvet. So be sure to pack a good quality pair of pajamas - and slippers! You don’t want the cold floor to be a shock when you get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night, or breakfast in the morning.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for items that should take priority over others to maximize the room in your suitcase. If you are heading off on a winter break, have a fantastic time.


Winter Warmers: Breakfast Ideas For The Colder Months

We all know how important breakfast is; it sets us up for the day, boosts brain power and stops us from overeating later on. During the summer breakfast is a little easier- fruit salad, smoothies, yogurt and cereal with ice cold milk are all good choices. But when it’s cold outside in the winter, the last thing you probably want to do is wake up at eat something cold. A warm breakfast will warm you up and is generally much nicer and more comforting on those chilly mornings. Here are a few ideas!


You can’t go wrong with porridge. It’s filling, nutritious and versatile, you can add lots of different toppings to change up the taste and boost the nutrients. For a sweet treat at the weekend, make it up with some chocolate flavored soy milk and stir in mashed banana and a little bit of peanut butter. You could top it with some desiccated coconut for a breakfast that’s as good as dessert!

Otherwise and adding chopped fruit (fresh and dried) nuts and other goodies can add to the health benefits. Instead of adding sugar, why not use honey instead - due to the sweetness you can use less of it so works out lower in calories. Plus there are vitamins and minerals in it too. According to raw honey is an even healthier option since it’s free of chemicals and other additives. You could have porridge on multiple days of the week, and it will taste different so you can keep it interesting.


Eggs are full of protein, b-vitamins and other goodness, they’re an ideal choice for breakfast as they keep you full until lunch. If you have time in the morning you could whip up some scrambled or poached eggs with some avocado and wholemeal toast. If you’re pushed for time in the morning you could make ‘omelet bites’ using a muffin tray, bake up a batch and put them in Tupperware in the fridge. Then you can give them a quick blast in the microwave in the morning and have a hot, delicious egg breakfast. At the weekends when you have more time you could make tasty eggs Benedict, high on calories so definitely a treat but big on taste!

Winter Warmers
Image via Pexels
Breakfast Burrito

If you’re after something a little more hearty in the morning and have more time, a breakfast burrito is a good choice. The great thing about burritos is they’re portable so you can eat it on the go unlike say, a cooked breakfast. Fill with scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, avocado, tomato or anything else you like to eat for breakfast. A full filled tortilla is a very big breakfast, what you could do is half it with a partner or family member. Providing you’ve not gone with a filling that’s too wet, you could wrap up half for the next day and pop it in the fridge.

What’s your favorite cold weather breakfast to warm you up in the mornings?


90 Proof Scents Auto Air Fresheners

90 Proof Scents sells a line of air fresheners for your auto. These have a Texan/Western theme. I recieved two of the samples this month.
90 Proof
90 Proof They offer the same products via monthly subscription service (80 Proof) for a cost of $2.99 to $6.99 (per month). I used mine in my office as I am normally discovering new funk sources and do not care for this.

The Wavy Flags smells really good. The other freshener has a powdery smell. Feel free to discern the meaning as, 'still way better than, "Random Funk.'"

I like the looks of these too. They were thoughtfully created and well-designed. 'Course, good looks is only a portion of their value.


  • (1) Nu Truck American Flag (aka Wavy Flag) 
  • (1) Strawberry Wine

If you are constantly on the lookout for a new and much better aroma, this might just be the service for you. Make this a concerted effort rather than trying to remember why you are scouring the checkouts at your local retail joint.

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You Need To Care For Your Health In Everything You Do

When it comes to staying healthy, there are plenty of posts out there about what you should be eating and how much exercise you should be doing. These are all fantastic things, and you should make sure that you're paying close attention to them. However, what many of these blog posts and articles tend to miss is that being healthy is something that you should involve every bit of your life in rather than just sticking it on top of your life as it is. With that in mind, here are a few ways to embrace being healthy in everything that you do. 

Care For Your Health
Image via Burst
Alternative Therapies

Plenty of people are pretty cynical about alternative therapies and sure, you probably shouldn't treat them as an alternative to actual medical help. However, they can be incredibly helpful, and there's nothing wrong with using things like acupuncture in addition to modern medicine. Check out for more information on the kinds of things that you try. Not all of them are going to be right for you, but you're sure to find something that helps.


Rest in one of the most important things in the world, and yet it also seems like something that so few of us actually bother to do often enough. It feels as though, in today's constantly moving world, that we're all so busy that we've had to cut getting a good night's sleep out of our lives altogether. However, you need to remember just how important it is to get a decent night's rest every single day. Whatever you have going on in your life, it's no more important than taking care of yourself and avoiding exhaustion.


Far too many people worry that self-care is in some way selfish or self-absorbed. That simply isn't true. There's nothing wrong with needing to take the time to look after yourself. After all, if you can't look after yourself, how can you be expected to look after anyone else? You're no good to the world if you're burnt out and miserable. If you need to, there's nothing wrong with taking some time to look after number one.


As a society, we are all woefully dehydrated. One of the main reasons for this is that we're drinking plenty of liquids, just not the right ones. We're all drinking sodas, energy drinks, tea, and coffee, all of which can actually end up making you feel even more dehydrated than you were before. That's not even mentioning alcohol. If you want to stay hydrated, the solution isn't complicated: drink more water. Drinking a decent amount of water every day can help to make you feel less tired and bloated as well as helping you to lose weight.

Of course, you should remember that these are all things that you should do to supplement your good health and not methods of healing on their own. Make sure that if you're sick or worried about your health, that you make an effort to speak to your doctor right away.


Lies We Tell Our Kids. Brett Wagner

5 of 5 stars

Ha! Lies We Tell Our Kids is so stinkin' cute. I am just grateful that my parents never told me any of this. I had no idea that those beneath my bed simply could not read.

Brett Wagner History rewritten!

Children, beware! Your folks may not be on the up and up with you! Man, the owls are really suffering here.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Animal Media Group LLC (Feb. 20 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0997431504
ISBN-13: 978-0997431506
Product Dimensions: 20.8 x 1.5 x 20.6 cm
Shipping Weight: 499 g

About the Author:

Brett E. Wagner is a Pittsburgh-based director and illustrator with a penchant for puns and visual anomalies. A generalist by trade, he works mostly in commercial video production, while his short narrative film All Raccoons Are Bandits has screened internationally.

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