Why Georgia Is A Must Visit For Music Fans

You’d have to travel far and wide to find anyone for whom music is meaningless. We all have a personal relationship with music, whether we enjoy it casually along with our morning job, or whether we’ve dedicated our lives to studying, playing and listening to music. There are numerous health benefits to a good relationship with music. It can aid digestion, improve our immune function, help us to manage stress and even make sleep problems a thing of the past. Whether we enjoy it live at the opera or streamed into our home through our Amazon Echo, we all appreciate music. For those who are passionate about music, however, there are few places as edifying to visit as the hospitality capital of the world… The state of Georgia.


Something for everyone

Wherever your musical tastes may lie, Georgia’s musical pedigree will appeal to them. The state is the home of game changers in a wide range of musical genres. The state is a hub of southern hip hop outfits like Outkast, as well as being an active participant in the American folk music revival and everything inbetween. Georgia’s rich music history encomasses rock, jazz, blues, rhythm n blues and modernist classical music. The streets are alive with Georgia’s musical history, from the jazz cafes of Atlanta to the rock cafes with live music Gainsville GA is so renowned for. Georgia is a place where people come not just to listen to music but to live it.

Iconic venues

Georgia has one of the highest concentrations of iconic musical venues anywhere in the US. Whether you prefer to consume your music in grand opera houses or trendy bars you can drink in the sound of Georgia’s musical heritage in any of these famous venues…

Eddie’s Attic

Located just east of Atlanta, this fabled “listening room” offers a lively and convivial environment in which patrons can enjoy boisterous banter and a fine selection of food as well as a rotating tap of guest beers along with their music. The venue tends to nurture local talent although they get more than their fair share of big acts too.

Georgia Theatre

This iconic building in Athens has undergone some serious renovation after a tragic fire in 2009. The former YMCA building has seen a parade of national and international talent beneath (and even on) its roof. Its also famous for its craft beers and they are working hard to restore the cultures that gave the theatres beer lines their ‘theatre flavor’ in the wake of the fire.

40 Watt Club

They don’t come much cooler than the 40 Watt Club. Though the venue has undergone several reinventions and rebirths, its current location on the fringe of downtown Athens has seen a huge range of talent pass through its doors.

Although Georgia’s Music Hall of Fame in Macon closed its doors to the public in 2011 (due to decreased attendance and reduced state funding), there’s no shortage of places throughout the state where you can celebrate her rich musical history.


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