What Has Two Hands And Is As Fit As Flea? You!

Your hands are simple body parts which don’t get the attention they deserve. The praise often goes to the brain, the heart of the lungs because they keep you alive. Pfft! Show-offs! In reality, your hands have a significant role to play in health and fitness. Okay, the body may not depend on them to breathe, but they still roll up their sleeves and dig in. The question on most people’s lip is how? To find out, continue reading and find out why humble hands make light work of your well-being.

What Has Two Hands And Is As Fit As Flea? You!
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Lump Detectors

Not to make this raunchy, but the majority of people have wandering hands. And, that is not a bad thing because checking your body for lumps is essential to maintaining health. Sadly, diseases such as cancer can form and show up as bumps. It is true that breast cancer treatment and any kind of cancer treatment are stronger today than ever before. So, a diagnosis is by no means the end of the line. But, it is worth noting that the best way to prevent a disease is to catch it early and get professional help. Regularly checking your body for lumps – men too – is a basic way to fight back against the C word.

Germ Busters

Now, human hands are by no means clean. Statistics suggest there is anywhere up to 332,000 bacteria on an adult hand on a given day. Don’t worry because not all of them are bacteria or viruses which carry illnesses. Still, some are bound to have an adverse impact on your health. So, why are hands helpful when they house so many germs? It’s because they help to create a well-being routine. To tackle the nasty creepy crawlies on your palms, you have to wash your hands with warm, soapy water. Doing it after the toilet or before eating creates a habit which transfers into the rest of your lifestyle.


Trips and falls affect millions of people worldwide. Typically, it’s a little incident which only results in a bump or a bruise. However, sometimes they can cause catastrophic injuries. Many people have broken limbs and body parts as a result of a slip or a fall. The good news is that your hands are there to protect the rest of the body as they break the fall. A wrist or a finger may get bent or broken, but it’s better than your neck or back.

Health Indicators

Certain ailments impact the hands more than any other body part. Arthritis is a prime example because the joints in the hands and wrists stiffen. Unfortunately, suffers from arthritis act too late and have to deal with a heightened condition as a result. Eagle-eyed people can negate this by spotting the signs before they are irreversible. Going to the doctor to ask for advice could make the condition more manageable, and it’s because of your of hands.

Just because hands are not flashy doesn’t mean they aren’t important. As you can see, they can be integral in maintaining a person’s health.


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