Travel Missouri The Right Way

Missouri is a huge state full of amazing things to do. There’s so many different areas to travel to, and each one of them brings their own bit of character. Some are more popular than others, but all of them are definitely worth a visit. Unlike other states in the US, Missouri offers some of the best views and landscapes, with most of it being filled with grassy plains and mountains. It’s the perfect mix of vibrance and relaxation, without much of the major hustle and bustle other cities get. If you’re going to visit, make sure you go to these areas.

Travel Missouri The Right Way
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Saint Louis

This is one of the major cities of Missouri. There’s so much to see and do here, the atmosphere is just amazing. It’s the perfect mix of city life and beautiful scenery, and the food there is just amazing. There’s the zoo which is a firm favourite with couples and families alike, and the Forest Park which attracts hundreds of visitors a day. They either go there to relax and take in the scenery by the lake, or you could go there when there’s a special event on. Sometimes there’s also hot air balloon rides taking off from the park if you’re interested. Once you’ve had a busy day of exploring, as stated before there are so amazing restaurants serving some excellent delicacies from all over the world. Whether you want Chinese food, Indian, Italian, St Louis has it all. Once you’ve had a busy day of exploring and have ate yourself into a food coma, it’s onto the accommodation. St Louis has the perfect mix of affordable hotels, and the high end luxurious ones that some people look for. Whatever you desire, there will be something within your price range.

Kansas City

Kansas city is just something else. It has that much energy that it attracts people from all over the world. It is famous for multiple different things. The main being its amazing ability to produce some of the best BBQ’s foods in the world. If you’re looking to eat well, this is the city for you. The tourism there is great as well, if you’re travelling with the family there’s the zoo and the Worlds of Fun theme park. If you’re going for more of a cultural holiday there’s the National World War 1 Museum which really captures the interest of many different people. There’s the water park and the Legoland discovery center if you’re really going to make this an enjoyable family holiday. That’s the great thing about the city, it has something for everyone. Kansas City is famous for its jazz music as well, so if you’re heading there be sure to visit a jazz bar so you can dance the night away. The accommodation is pretty similar to St Louis, so no matter what you’re looking for this amazing city should have it.

Those are just two of the major cities that you should try and visit. There’s so much more is Missouri to see, but you’d definitely not be doing it right if you didn’t stop off at these two destinations.


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