The Top Superfood Trends That Rocked 2017

We are all of sudden become hugely mindful of what we put into our bodies. Taking the approach that exactly what we eat is the fuel that our bodies have to function everyday. Fill it with junk and chocolate or an overloaded diet of sugar and you are heading for disaster, right? However, there are some attributes to a diet and one of them is the trend of the superfood. But, it won’t be the common kale you see on this list, there are some new superfood trends in town that totally rocked 2017. I wanted to share with you what some of them are and maybe, if you haven't tried them yet, it might entice you to give them a go yourself.

The Top Superfood Trends That Rocked 2017
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Moringa powder

Not many people have heard of Moringa powder, but it won’t be long until you do as this is fast becoming a superfood many health conscious individuals are including in their diets and the best way to do it is through moringa powder. Known for its major nutritional value as well as the immune boosting qualities it can simply be added to your fresh smoothie each day and that’s your intake done and dusted. Other ways to incorporate it into your diet is through other foods like eggs or drinking it as a tea. The whole tree is edible, but the most common aspect to consume are the leaves.

Alternative Flours

You may be wondering how flour has become a superfood, but the self-conscious food addicts amongst us will note that your standard white flours aren’t exactly the best for us. There is a rising trend with people using alternative flours such as coconut flour for sweet things like cake, giving it a real unique taste and added health factor. However, alternative flours can be used in other aspects of cooking such as making bread.


Turmeric has some great anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory properties and is a real versatile spice that can be added to all sorts of foods so that you can get the benefit. It has a more familiar flavour with savoury dishes such as chilli or curries, but it can actually be added to things like scrambled eggs as a great healthy breakfast. Other have used it in a drink format where combined with other ingredients such as fresh ginger can make a great shot that is a perfect remedy for the morning. There plenty of recipes online for this if you fancy giving it a go.

Green Tea

The trend of green tea has been around for some time and it isn’t going away anytime soon, and there is good reason for that, Green Tea is full of great properties which makes it a better alternative hot drink to your standard tea or coffee. It has also been linked to as a helping aid in weight loss as well as improving brain functionality. There are some great benefits to adding this to your diet, and it can also be used in powder format ideal for smoothies and other drinks.

I hope that this has inspired you to try some of the superfood trends that have certainly rocked this year.

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