The Amazon Echo/Alexa Mystique

It's crazy. Everyone wants one and most have one. I bought mine about a month ago.


I've known about the craze for awhile now. What I didn't know was the why. Why does a buying public want one? Well, besides the cool commercials.

Then, I caught a Southpark episode which was focused on this item. It made me think that it would be fun to own one and it is. It is fun.

Being somewhat of a trickster, I also wanted to see how my mother would react to Alexa. She's older and I am kind-of devious at times. When I first bought and setup the thing, I was frustrated over how many of my stoopid questions that she would simply not answer. I was fussin' and upset. She happened to have been standing over my shoulder and wanted to know why I was so unkind to Alexa. My wonderful, non-technological mother. Alexa is not human. Hence, my frustration is not being put upon another.

The Amazon Echo/Alexa Mystique
However, there isn't much online about the joys of using them. I ask Alexa about the weather, what day it is, to play files from my music library and I occasionally use it as a telephone.

She cannot read Bible scriptures. Doesn't know any Spanish. And refuses to answer the profoundest of stupid questions. Hmph!

Amazon does send out suggestions. But, they aren't fun or interesting. To me.

  • But, what I really want to know is what are YOU doing with your Alexa?
  • Are you glad that you bought it?
  • Was/is this a fun product for you?

Please, enlighten me.
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