Scarlett Cordless Waterproof Therapeutic Personal Wand Massager for Women

I have never tried to use a body massager before. I know that my grandparents used them, as I remember them sitting out on coffee and side tables. But, it really is a different sensation. This one is subtle. You probably will not have any long-forgotten body memories that will arise out of usage. No.

ScarlettBut, for tired and overwrought muscles, it's good to try something different on them.

The plugin is at the very bottom of the unit. The power is inserted through the silicon. So, don't be tryin' to shove it into what looks like a plugin in the very middle of the unit.

ScarlettOne charge will a lot you two hours of therapy. This is more efficient than the battery chucking days of yore for massagers. They have evolved.

This item is not packaged or prepped to look like a simple body massager. Hence, I would not purchase one with a younger recipient in mind. However, for those who require a different stimulus from life, here ya go!

P.S. There's a bonus. Use this code ( SZJF4WAW ), it is valid until the end of November. The code is good for 20% off of a $39.95 retail price. This code is also good on Black Friday when the price will plummet to $29.95. That's an extra sweet deal.

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