Maeffort RC Toy

This thing is so unique and fun. Originally, I bought it hoping that my cats would enjoy it. I was hoping that they would bat at it, look at me as though I were insane for having brought it into their environment and a good time would be had by all. However, they do not. As soon as they heard the whirring blades, they took off for another room, or the hills, I'm not sure.

Maeffort RC ToySighing.

But, I enjoy it.

This unit arrives with a yellow USB cable, the toy and a small, yellow remote control.

It didn't take too long to charge it up. As soon as you plug it in, a red light illuminates inside of the ball. Then, I held it in my hand as it attempted to take off towards the ceiling fan. But, I discovered something unfun.

If you don't read the warnings on the box, you may try to achieve flight with the USB cable still attached. This takes away its balance and it will then lean pitifully as though it were ill with influenza.

So, charge it up. Unplug the chord. Watch it go!

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