How to Identify Your Possible Need of a New Mattress

Your mattress forms an integral part of your life. A good mattress can be a valuable possession that accompanies us at the end of a tiring day and takes us to the world of deep sleep with great peace, and serenity. That is why we take great efforts to select the right mattress.

Having stated that, it is natural for you to be emotionally attached to your mattress and believe that both of you will stay together forever. However, the fact is that irrespective of how comfortable you feel sleeping on your mattress; You have to come out of this relationship! There are some signs that tell you it’s about time to bid goodbye to your mattress and buy a new one. Some of these are discussed below.
How to Identify Your Possible Need of a New Mattress

Increasing Back Pain

If you wake up with aches and pains in your back or other body parts, the chances are that these symptoms are linked to a poor quality of the mattress or that it has aged enough. The gradual softening and degradation of the material of the mattress over a few years can make it lose its ability to provide proper support to the vulnerable areas such as your low back, neck and hips. Mattresses also lose their cushioning effect causing some painful pressure points. So, if you often wake up feeling beaten up instead of refreshed, it’s time for your mattress to go.

Visible Sagging

Sagging is the most visible sign that your mattress needs to be replaced. Sagging occurs because the springs inside the mattress tend to break down over a few years, and the memory foam becomes softer. The compression of the fibers in the mattress materials can also lead to sagging. If you choose the ignore this obvious indication of an aging mattress, it may worsen to form a crater in the middle of the bed. This can cause a huge discomfort for you and even interfere with your sleep. It can even increase your risk of back and joint problems due to the loss of support and pressure relief to the body.

Change in Firmness

Memory foam mattresses tend to become too soft or too hard over a few years of usage. The memory foam is sensitive to temperature. Hence, it can become hard when in a colder room, or soft when in a warm room. I am sure you would like your mattress to be neither too hard nor too soft. You can consider replacing it before this change in firmness wreaks havoc with your sleep and comfort.

The Lasting Impression

If you find your mattress leaves a lasting impression for a longer time even after you have got up from the bed; It could be an indication that you need to replace it with a new one. Even the memory foam mattresses that are supposed to remember your sleeping positions can do so only to a certain degree of zero. Memory foam mattresses are designed to return to their original position after you get out of the bed. But, over time, it begins to wear off and loses its ability to regain its original shape thus retaining the impression created by your sleeping position even after you got up. If you find such signs on your mattress, do consider getting yourself a new one.

Lump Formation

A consistent use of mattress over a few years can cause the padding within it to shift, thus leaving lumps. It may result in an uneven density or distorted shape of your mattress. It can reduce the support your mattress can provide you and make you prone to back pain.

Know the Age

Any mattress irrespective of whether or not it is showing the above signs, must be replaced with a new one if it’s been around for more than 8-10 years. However, some mattresses have a guarantee up to 20 years as you can see here. You might feel comfortable on your favorite mattress and think you are sleeping well. However, there’s still a chance that the comfort is linked more to you being accustomed to the mattress than it being in an excellent position.

Your sleep is an essential part of your health, physical as well as mental and the quality of your sleep depends on the quality of your mattress that tends to wear off with each passing year. I would advise you not to ignore the signs that your mattress has entered its autumn years and buy yourself a new companion for a sound sleep and a healthier life. #Sponsored

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