3 Way LED Corn Light Medium E26 Base Bulb by Lustaled

I became interested in the LED lights when I spoke to a maintenance man friend who told me that you could really save on your electricity bill if you replaced all of your bulbs with LED bulbs.

3 Way LED Corn Light3 Way LED Corn Light Medium E26 Base Bulb by LustaledThen, the review for these bulbs arose.

I screwed these into lamps in the living room and they put off a light of easy-on-the-eyes shine. I am looking forward to the $$$$ savings, even if it's only in the fact that these bulbs are purported to last longer too. Each of the little squares on the bulbs light up nicely and a light shines through each square.

These things are sturdy too. I am still careful with them. But, they look tough!

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