Why Your Relationship with Your Ex Was Not as Amazing As you Think

After a breakup, people often idolize their ex’s and their relationship with them. They feel like they lost someone special and start wondering what could have been if they made the relationship work. If that’s you, then you probably need to look at things form a more neutral perspective. Aside from the fact that you two BROKE UP, there are a lot of reasons why your relationship with your ex was not as amazing as you are thinking right now.

Why Your Relationship with Your Ex Was Not as Amazing As you Think

1. You Are Emotional

A breakup leaves your mind and your emotions in chaos. The more invested you were in the relationship, the worse your emotional state will be after the breakup. In fact, studies have shown that breakup pain is real and it affects the same part of the brain as physical pain.

So, if you are in pain after the breakup, and you weren’t in this much horrible pain while you were in the relationship, then that must mean that the relationship was keeping you from feeling you this pain.

So that equates to your relationship was actually pretty good. You start thinking that if you contact your ex or get him back, this pain will go away. But it’s not really the case. The pain you are feeling is just a stage of grief that everyone goes through after a loss. You lost a relationship, and you are feeling the pain of loss. But that does not make it a good relationship.

2. You are Just Lonely

During a relationship, you get so used to having someone with you that it becomes hard to adjust being single again. When suddenly you have to sleep alone, wake up alone, eat alone, watch Breaking Bad alone, you start missing your ex. You start missing their presence. You start missing all the little things they used to do with you. All this missing makes you start thinking that perhaps your ex and you were really great together.

But in reality, the only thing you are missing is a relationship. Your ex is just filling up the role of a boyfriend. The loneliness is just making you concentrate on the good qualities of your ex while ignoring the bad ones.

3. Your Faith in the Opposite Sex

“The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.” One of my friends told me this and got back with her ex. She had lost all faith in the male gender and thought that her ex was better than anyone else. You can’t really blame her. After a few failed relationships, your faith in the opposite sex and relationships in general starts shaking a little bit. You start thinking that your ex is better than the unknown. Instead of going out and finding someone who you truly deserve, you decide to settle for just good enough.

Of course, it’s not really a very health thought pattern. You can’t let a breakup destroy your faith in the opposite sex. I am not saying that you should expect a Hollywood style love story, but you can expect to have a healthy and happy relationship with a person you truly appreciate and love.

About the Author:

Kevin Thompson has been helping people with breakups for the past 2 years. You can read his advice and his articles at Ex Back Permanently.
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