What Your Need for Both Big and Small Adventures

We all the love the great outdoors, but you have to be prepared for each adventure, no matter how big or small. Bringing enough food, sun lotion, and even entertainment, can really make or break your expedition or day out. Your camping or travel gear really makes the most difference though, and can save you from some tough situations, even if that just a little extra comfort. Here is some advice about getting some gear in preparation for your adventure, and some advice about what to look out for. There’s so much choice on the market, and so many high quality products, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, just like your adventure gear.


Backpacks are essential for a city day trip, or an expedition to kilimanjaro. One of the main differences with backpacks is the size which is measured in liters. Generally speaking you will have three backpack sizes: day trips, weekend trip from 3 to 4 days, and longer expeditions. Obviously, depending on what you are doing and where you are going will depend on what kind of backpack you want. If your going away for the weekend, you won’t need an 80 liter backpack! Backpacks also come with lots of features, pockets, places to put sleeping bags, and attachments. While these features can be very useful, will you need them for the adventure you're planning on undertaking?

Walking and Hiking Boots

It so essential that the boots your choose to wear fit properly so always try them on. If you're buying online, do so well before your trip, so you have the time to figure out if they work for you, and you have enough time to replace them if you need to. Just like backpacks, boots come in all different shapes and sizes based on your needs. The boots with a higher ankle support are used for longer expeditions, where you will be carrying a lot of weight on your back, so your ankles will need the extra support. There are also various ways different brands go about keeping water out. With cheaper brands, your feet might run the risk of getting warm, and lack of ventilation could cause problems. Having said that, there are plenty of affordable brands which would suit your needs and will support you throughout your adventures.

What Clothes You Should Be Wearing

Or moderate weather conditions, layers are a must. A base layer is essential for generating heat and keeping you warm, and then the mid layer for thermal insulation. The third layer on top top would be your waterproof, and protection against the wind and rain, and any other elements you will come across. You can always take layers off, so be prepared and go with more than you need and expect the unexpected! For advice and guidance, sites like www.expeditioncamping.com.au will be able to guide your on your adventure needs and requirements.

Go out there and get camping, hiking, cycling, or whatever your next adventure entails. Just remember to be prepared.

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