The Sexy Vegan on YouTube

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day when I learned of a delusional YouTuber. He moonwalked onto the stage, while hurling vulgarities at his mother. And yes, she financially supports him. Rather nicely.

He says that he has changed his name to Sexy Vegan (SV). Why? Oh, why? It's like earing a cap that says, "Number 1" on it. It tells others that you are not number two!

The Sexy Vegan on YouTubeAnd, alas, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that he draws on himself before his videos and normally wears an off-should shirt. He claims that he is an outstanding dancer (he is not). He raps. It is awful.

His singing isn't awful. But, he wants to be famous. At what? We do not know.

Hate to say it. But, it's true. Delusional people can be sort-of entertaining.

SV claims that he doesn't drink or do drugs. True or not, it would make more sense if he did. However...

The purpose of this article is not to slam SV. I am just saying that I don't get it. Are you watching his videos and if so, why, please?

Oh, the videography is a nauseating nightmare. Tripod. Maybe? Please.

"I am better than Jesus."

I wanted to include a video. But, SV is much too profane. Much.

Vital Link: YouTube
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