Dripping Springs Vodka: T.G.I.F. Announcement: October 13

Available now is a Limited Edition Wildlife series from Dripping Springs (DS) Vodka. They are available at select liquor stores across the state of Texas. This is in celebration of a 10-year anniversary.

Dripping Springs Vodka: T.G.I.F. Cocktail Recipes: October 13

DS does this every year. They request original drawing submissions from several Texas artists. This year, only three were selected.

Dripping Springs Vodka: T.G.I.F. Cocktail Recipes: October 13“One unexpected result of the competition this year was that all three winners reside in the Houston area,” said Susan Kelleher, San Luis Spirits Treasurer and the originator of the Wildlife Series competition. “We were so thankful to hear that they are all safe and sound in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”

This special series is only displayed on 5,000 1.75 L bottles.

The product that we have received is, "Twist of Texas" in the Longhorn Series and was submitted by artist Faye Barber of Katy, Texas. Barber is a self-taught freelance artist and graphic designer.

The other two designs were submitted by Holly Nowak and Jennifer Hacker (both from Texas).


(1) 1.75 L Limited Edition Label (1 of 5,000) 80 Proof
(1) Gift Bag with Handwritten Note, 1876 Straight Bourbon Sample, Sticker

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